Turn your mob into a team - UnBaa

New team decision

Or signup and create a decision later.

Don't make a decision you will forever regret!

Group conflict is a major cause of failed projects, broken friendships and bitter memories. Wouldn't you rather be part of a positive, harmonious team where everyone is empowered?

Einstein said, "Before God we are all equally wise - and equally foolish."

Make your next group decision a positive one, make it an UnBaa decision!

Staff loyalty
Give your staff more involvement and self direction. Get input into vital company decisions.

Customer involvement
Allow your customers to vote on new features. Use UnBaa to get your customers involved in promotion events.
Full accountability and audit trail
UnBaa allows you to see who said what. It also lets you look up decisions made months or even years in the past.

Allows group decisions across the world
If you spend a lot of time on the road UnBaa lets you still be part of the decision making process. If your company has offices in different countries you can still use UnBaa to make decisions together.
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