A new way to give everyone a say!

UnBaa is perfect for...

The Corporate
Too busy to attend meetings? Want the opinions of a group of experts presented in an easily understood format? Try UnBaa!

The Socially Indecisive
Planing a big night out with friends? When to meet? Which restaurants? Vote on your favourite hot spot and who's house to crash at - Try UnBaa!

The "Chipping In" crowds
Stumped for gift ideas? Want to make sure you get the right present? Try UnBaa!

The Online Gamers
Should your clan start a war? Not sure which quest people want to do? Try UnBaa!


Democracy is not something that happens, you know, just at election time, and it's not something that happens just with one event. It's an ongoing building process. But it also ought to be a part of our culture, a part of our lives. - Jim Hightower

The first democratic forums existed in Ancient Greece - UnBaa brings this ancient process into the 21st century with a streamlined online tool for making group decisions easy.

Direct democracy for small groups is recognised as a successful strategy for decision making that is employed in many current organisations from government bodies to multi-million dollar companies.

By allowing everyone to discuss and propose solutions it increases the wisdom of the group. It also multiplies group moral, creativity and involvement.

UnBaa decisions take 2 or more days so don't use it for emergencies!